Crown Kitchen Design in Kanata, ON

Crown Kitchen Design is a Kanata, Ontario based company with a focus on kitchen design and renovations.  It is our goal to provide top quality kitchen design services to our clients in Kanata and surrounding areas.

Every kitchen design and renovation we work on we take special pride in so that you can rest assured that the heart of your home, your kitchen, is in the best hands.  We provide the craftsmanship, expertise and dedication to make your dream kitchen build or renovation a reality.

Whether your have a small kitchen plan with only a few changes in mind or a full remodel and makeover requiring a top to bottom kitchen renovation, whatever your design idea (or if you have no idea!) we will provide the kitchen design expertise and kitchen renovation specialists to make your plan a reality.   

We take every aspect of your kitchen into mind when you work with our kitchen designer and contractors.  From cabinets, counter tops, sinks, taps, flooring, lighting, walls, color, fixtures, even the decor!  We keep each part of the whole in mind as we guide you through the process of the design, remodeling or renovation of your kitchen.

For most Kanata home owners, the most important room in their home is the kitchen. They want it to be both comfortable and functional. Whether you want traditional simplicity, contemporary kitchen design or a custom kitchen with unique flair, if you have decided to upgrade your kitchen into the cook space you’ve always wanted, we will walk with you through the kitchen design and renovation process from start to finish.

The Many Benefits of a Kitchen Design, Renovation or Remodel for your home in Kanata

So you’re thinking of doing some kitchen renovations but you’re not sure what the benefits will be?

There are a lot of great benefits that come with doing  kitchen design and renovations, beginning with the value that the renovations will add to your Kanata home.

There is an intial cost of kitchen renovations which will vary depending on a number of factors, including how old your house is, how old your appliances are, and whether or not there are any bylaw or health issues involved in the renovation of your kitchen. Your kitchen design and subsequent renovation will also be restrained (or liberated, as the case may be) by the size of your budget. However, regardless of the size of your budget or kitchen here are some of the benefits that a custom kitchen design and renovation will give you.

#1 – A kitchen design and renovation will clean your kitchen. This might sound like a bit of a banal benefit, but it is both true and important. The work involved in a kitchen renovation will will go deeper than the surface. Many kitchens harbour unknown mold and contagions that a kitchen renovation often reveals and allows to be properly cleaned and abolished for good. 

#2 – A kitchen design and renovation will increase the appeal and value of your home. No matter where you live in Kanata or the world, kitchens are one of the most important parts of the home to a potential buyer. This is proven both by the enormous amount of money that North Americans spend on kitchen design and renovations each year, as well as by the continual evidence of women who, when they first enter a home, ask to see the kitchen. Adding improvements to your home by renovating your kitchen will increase the value and re-sale value of your home by quite a wide margin.  It is undoubtably an investment well worth making.

#3 – A kitchen design and renovation can reorient the style of your house. Renovating your kitchen could allow you to move around some of the rooms in your house. Designing and renovating your kitchen might make your kitchen larger or convert spaces near the kitchen, thus freeing up other spaces of the house. Renovating your kitchen could make you start thinking creatively about how you want your house to look and feel, and could prompt other renovations that will increase both your quality of life, and the resale value of your home.

#4 – Kitchen design and renovations will increase the overall appeal of your home. You might be more inclined to have guests over or to invite someone over to cook in your home, because you can now be proud of how your kitchen looks. If you’ve had an old kitchen or a kitchen that hasn’t been up to present standards, it can be embarrassing. You might find yourself making excuses for your kitchen when you have company. Renovating your kitchen will take all of that stress away and have you feeling great about the most important room in your house.

Having a kitchen design and renovation is smart and highly beneficial.  Contact us today to to get started on the design and renovation of the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of having in your home in Kanata!