Kitchen Countertops

There are numerous things that can add to the general appearance and feel of your kitchen, as well as to the usefulness and capability of this room, and one of these things is the kitchen countertops. When you think of it most of us invest a fair amount of time in the kitchen, so having this space feel and look right without jeopardizing on capability is important.

Your kitchen countertops can make a big difference to your kitchen, and with the wide range of kitchen countertops available these days it is possible to find something that suits your tastes, matches the rest of the decor in the room, and fits in with your budget.

At Crown Kitchen Design will help you choose from a wide range of different materials, colours, and styles when it comes to your kitchen countertops, so you can enjoy having countertops that look stylish, are easy to maintain, are high quality, and will not cost the earth.

Kitchen Countertops To Suit Your Style

Whether you are renovating your kitchen, need to replace worn countertops, or simply want a change to freshen up your kitchen, the huge choice of countertops means that you can find the right kitchen countertop at the right price. When you are choosing your countertops you need to think about a number of things, and this includes:

  • What sort of overall appearance and feel you want for your kitchen
  • How easy the countertops will be to clean and maintain
  • Which countertops will fit in with the rest of your kitchen decor, cabinetry, and your own personal taste
  • What your budget is for the purchase and installation of kitchen countertops

At Crown Kitchen Design we will walk you through the process of evaluating which countertops would be the best for your kitchen design and renovation.

Some kitchen designers hold to the idea that the most important part of kitchen is the kitchen counter tops. Your countertops can make or break your kitchen. So there are a number of things to take into consideration when planning for new countertops in your Kanata home.

Planning For New Kitchen Countertops

When you are planning for your new kitchen countertops we will first discuss the function of countertops.  The first function of your kitchen countertops is to provide a suitable working space. This is the place where right from cutting vegetables to kneading the dough, mixing and the entire cooking takes place.

Generally kitchen counter tops are L shaped or three sided in the kitchen plans. The kitchen counter tops are made of wood, marble or granite. The kitchen counter tops should be fire resistant and water proof. Lots of staining and spilling takes place on kitchen counter tops.

Next we will walk you through considering the way your kitchen counter tops can be matched with the décor of your kitchen. Some kitchen countertops are available readymade and can be bought as per the dimensions in the kitchen plans.

The kitchen cabinet styles we help you  consider will fit with your overall kitchen style.  Things we will consider with you would be, for example, if you want a marble countertop finish and you have tiles matching your flooring as backsplash then it is recommended you go in for marble kitchen counter tops. Your oven or cooking range can also match with the kitchen counter tops. These marble kitchen counter tops are scratch free and maintaining them is very quick and easy. Some feel that marble is warm and soft but less practical for kitchens countertops. When you are using Marble as kitchen countertops you should be prepared to maintain it carefully.

There are other kitchen countertop styles to consider that might be a great fit for the look and style you are going for. Concrete, which was once in fashion, is back again as kitchen counter tops. This is a sturdy and reliable material. It is enhanced and made with different colors. You can choose a color that blends with your kitchen décor.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is very easy to clean and is the perfect choice as kitchen counter tops for serious cooks. Steel offers a stylish modern look to your kitchen. Although steel kitchen counter tops may be very appealing, durable and easy to maintain, they are also very expensive, heavy and difficult to install. But for a novelty one can try out as it looks appealing and can go well with any décor.

Replacing kitchen counter tops is a great investment. Kitchen counter tops enhance the visual statement of your kitchen while still being durable enough to survive its everyday usage. So it is key to consider this core element of your Kanata kitchen carefully. That is what we are happy to do at Crown Kitchen Design!