A kitchen island provides more than just aesthetics.  Above all, it is used for the added function that it gives in aiding you with performing kitchen tasks.  Although it looks just like an ordinary table, it can do far more things than a table can.  You can use it to organize your kitchen using cupboards and drawers.  You can also hold pans and pots so that they will be accessible to you during food preparation.

Choosing your kitchen island can be very confusing, especially now when they come in all sizes. 

In order for you to get an estimate of the size of your island, you can stack up cardboard boxes and pretend that it were an island.  From there, you can walk around it, and assess if you have enough room to move around even with the island installed.  Also, you should make sure that there is space for the drawers and cupboards to open in the area the island is located.  

Once you are satisfied with the location of your ‘island’, you can then proceed to measuring the boxes in order for you to get the right size that you want to buy.

Next, is finding the right island design.  In doing so, make sure that you get one that is suited to your purpose.  If you highly enjoy putting spices to your food, then you can get an island that has a built-in spice rack. 

Also, if you like entertaining guests but want to save up on space, you can get an island that include a breakfast bar, where all you have to do is add some stools and then serve bacon and eggs.  If you’re not using the bar, you can just fold it down.  Islands could even have paper towel bars and wine storage.  So with all the various designs, get one that complements what you usually do around the kitchen. 

The finishing material is also very important.  If you want to get one that is easy to clean and sanitize, you can get a stainless steel surfaced one, although it is expensive.  You can also opt for a hardwood top with a food-safe oil finish.  If you want to go more creative, you can also go for other finishes that can come in various colors, designs and patterns.  

As a whole, if you want to get the right kitchen island appropriate to your home, have it suit your purpose, budget, available kitchen space, and overall décor of your kitchen. 

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