Small kitchens can be adorable…and work well!

OR they can be cramped, inefficient, annoying work spaces that make us want to do bad things and say ugly words.

For most of us living with a compact kitchen design such as galley or just a small kitchen, making the space bigger – or at least feel bigger – is the only way to ward off the men in white coats.

However, a good layout in a small space can mean less steps for food prep.

And – if the kitchen is open to other rooms – it becomes a cozy, inviting, friendly place where we can be with friends and family while preparing meals.


Small kitchens can be improved!

Here are some key questions to ask yourself or discuss with your kitchen designer when considering what to do with your small kitchen:


  • Do you want to make your kitchen work better and feel bigger?
  • Or are you dreaming of a complete remodel to actually enlarge the space?


Do you love to cook?

  • Or is the microwave your most used appliance and your oven is only used for frozen pizza and Tater Tots?
  • Size doesn’t always matter! What works for YOU is the important thing.


At Crown Kitchen Design we love to see the magical transform your small space into exactly what you want it to look like and do. 

We will work with you to develop kitchen plans that show remodeling options to change the layout into one that works for you.

We will help you make that little space look and feel larger – and work more efficiently – with heaps of design ideas to spark your imagination and enhance the space you’ve got!

We will make sure there is a place for everything! You probably have more space than you realize once you have smart storage solutions in your kitchen.

At Crown Kitchen Design we’d be happy to discuss all these aspect of design, remodeling or fully renovating your kitchen! 

If you want to design, remodel or do a full kitchen renovation in your Kanata, ON home give us a call at Crown Kitchen Design!